Grade 12 School Syllabus Agricultural Science(2009) Tamil Medium

School Syllabus Tamil Medium Grade 12-Agricultural Science(2009)
School Syllabus Tamil Medium Grade 12-Agricultural Science(2009)

You can download below Syllabus school subject Agricultural Science(2009) for Grade 12 students in the school. Grade 12 school Syllabus related to the subject of  Agricultural Science(2009) are a very valuable book. Students in Sri Lankan can be educated in 3 languages. It is available to download from below Grade 12 Agricultural Science(2009) Syllabus Tamil Medium.

The Syllabus is designed for Tamil Medium Teachers who teach Grade 12 (School in Sri Lanka). These Syllabus are printed and distributed free of charge by the Government of Sri Lanka to school Teachers. These Syllabus can be downloaded as PDF.


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The nie . lk website is the Government website that published these books on the internet. We have excerpted the Syllabus from the website and published them for you to study.



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